“I have owned several homes in Santa Barbara over the last 13 years, and I have worked with a number of real estate agents in the process.  Particularly in the slow years of the market, I have found that what really defines a great agent is the ability to sell a house — it’s a great time to buy in a slow market, but a harder time to sell.  After a few stalled efforts, I was referred to Patrice.  I cannot sing her praises more loudly.  She is the epitome of professionalism and dedication, and she sold my final two properties at strong prices.  She put in extra effort above and beyond what is expected – she offered stellar marketing ideas and held many, many open houses, which included adding the perfect, homey staging touches, often at her own expense.  She was on top of the process and communicated our status at every stage.  I now live in Northern California, and if I could transport Patrice to represent me here, both in purchases and sales, I would.  Having worked with many real estate agents in multiple locations, I can confidently say that she is the best I’ve worked with.  She is creative, knowledgeable, and extremely dedicated.   I now consider her a friend, and I could not recommend her more highly.  Patrice is motivated by the love of it all, not by the commission, and that makes here extremely effective, and also a great delight to work with!”

  • “I have lived in Santa Barbara since 1987 and my wife has lived here her whole life. We have spent the last 25 years building our business and raising our kids and renting our home(s). Finally we decided we should buy and we are so happy we found Patrice to help us navigate the highly competitive Santa Barbara market. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge in all aspects of the process, she worked on the lending side for years prior to becoming a realtor, which was extremely helpful. She knows the area like the back of her hand and really took the time to understand what was important to us in a home. She was incredibly aggressive when a home would come on (or even before it would come on) that fit our parameters. We never wasted time looking at homes we couldn’t afford or wouldn’t like. We ended up in a perfect home and we couldn’t have done it without Patrice. It was a long process and she was extremely patient and comforting when things didn’t go our way. I highly recommend her and couldn’t imagine another agent in town working as hard for us. You are making a mistake if you don’t call Patrice”….Jim and Dar St. John
  • “Patrice did an excellent job with meeting our needs. We performed a 1031 exchange by selling a home and buying a home that closed 3 days apart in a tight market. There were a lot of moving parts and she was … just there. She was extremely timely and prompt. Nothing is ever perfect, but it is how you work through those imperfections. Patrice was very knowledgeable of the process, the area and pricing. Patrice was dedicated to the sale of our home and added personal touches without being asked. I would highly recommend her.” …Mark and Joan Wagner
  • “We really enjoyed working with Patrice Serrani. She impressed us with her knowledge of the local property market and was very professional. But, her two best qualities were her ability to listen and her responsiveness. After meeting with Patrice, I felt she really understood our needs and sometimes had a better idea of what we wanted than we did. She showed us properties in our price range that really met our wants, but more importantly, she didn’t “waste our time” with properties we couldn’t afford or would not like. She always steered us in the proper direction. What most impressed me about Patrice is that she always got back to us quickly. I was amazed how prompt she was in returning texts, calls, and e-mail. In this market I found the courtesy Invaluable. You can trust Patrice Serrani.” …Dave B.
  • “Patrice Serrani knows Montecito and Santa Barbara like on one else. She has an incredible eye for value and potential. Her background in mortgage banking gives her an edge in getting an offer together and presenting the best offer a client can make. She is totally dedicated and will work endless hours to help a client achieve their goal. We were looking at several houses and Patrice guided us to the house that had the best upside. She was right. I have utmost confidence in her judgement and trust her completely.” …Nancy Allen
  • “Patrice was involved with the purchase of our house in Montecito as well as arranging the financing, she made all the right decisions for us. I have never met a more knowledgeable R/E person, she has all the RIGHT STUFF!!”