Inspiration & Information Due to the pandemic, we are no longer doing Broker caravan. So instead, my inspiration comes from homes that I show to buyers, what I see on MLS and design trends and elements that I come across every day in my ongoing research, and discovery, and though sheer interest and curiosity.  I not only love to see what's new and different, but I look forward to seeing new forms of building, architecture and overall design elements.  Here's where I will share it all.  Enjoy!

The size of a closet is not the only thing that makes a difference to a homeowner any more. Beauty, elegance, ease of use and accessibility are all key elements. This is obvious when we look at the great success of closet organizing companies in the U.S. A closet has become a key design element in a home….a showcase for Manola’s, the framework for that Alexander McQueen black tie head turner,  a wow factor and every woman’s dream. Check out these well thought out and elegant examples.

Closet 1   closet 3  Closet 2


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When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, think spa…clean and simple.  White marble and tile and glass and chrome make up many of the bath and powder rooms in homes lately.  Home owners have painted over those bold hues and replaced those artistic colorful basins for shades of white.

Whites and beiges are extremely popular in bathrooms both for their versatility and for the fact that they can lighten and brighten as well as visually expand any space.  And who doesn’t love a Spa.

Here are a few I’ve come across on caravan:

white bathroom       IMG_2102 (1)

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Barn Doors

Interior doors seem to be a standard choice for most people but when you think about, a bedroom, bathroom, office or kitchen door can create a unique style in any room.  Interior doors need clearance in order to swing in or out properly.  Pocket doors can often alleviate the problem that this may cause but a pocket door entails opening up an existing wall….more work than you may want to take on.   The use of barn doors has become much more prominent now because, not only does it make practical sense in many cases, but it also creates a artful style.  The choices for barn door hardware and the actual doors themselves is extensive.  if you can imagine it, you can have it built.  Here are just a few that I’ve come across:

Barn door 2        Barn door 3     Barn door 1

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Lighting up your home doesn’t necessarily have to do with electricity.  It does, however, play an important part in the design and focus of a room.  A lamp or a chandelier or sconce is like an Hermes scarf or a an Armani tie…it pulls together the entire look.

Here are some lighting choices that I’ve noted on caravan that I think shine bright.

image3inmage 6

Image 7Image 8

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SB Stone

The rock work incorporated into the architecture here in Santa Barbara is nothing short of spectacular….Santa Barbara Sandstone, Cherokee Creek etc.  Stone pillars, rock walls, stone fireplaces, patios are just a few of the beauties we see every day.  Over the years, I have assembled photos of outdoor living spaces which I will share over time.  These dry stacked pillars above are featured along the front and back of a home in Montecito….they were calling out for a fashion photo shoot.

stacked rocks.  Image 1

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This week it was all about the view. Incredible view properties from Ortega Ranch to La Vista. Any home (all homes) can be remodeled and modified and overhauled etc, etc, but the view is the view is the view.

montecito view

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AGA tan AGA red

On tour this week…

2 houses of completely different architectural styles with one thing in common…this AGA Range.  These cast iron tanks were the kitchen’s focal points and more like a work of industrial art than an actual usable appliance.  I was awed by the first buff colored beauty but then came across fire engine red and realized what I want from Santa this year. 🙂

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